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We Take a Different Approach

This is more than just a house – it’s your home.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably asked yourself at some point: “Why does building a new home have to be so overwhelming and stressful?”

At SheBuilds, we believe it shouldn’t be.

For the past 15 years, founder and CEO of SheBuilds, Stefanie Olson, has helped hundreds of clients reach their goal of home ownership. But unlike many other general contractors and builders, she’s taken a different approach to the process of new home construction. Early in her career, Stefanie witnessed first-hand failures in the industry. Time and time again, she watched general contractors who lacked project organization, timely communication, and attention to detail. She saw countless builders who would upsell subtle cosmetic changes, calling them “upgrades” and charging outrageous amounts for basic-level home inclusions.  All of these failures contribute to a disappointing, frustrating and stressful home building experience for you.

You’re about to create a foundation on which memories will be made. We understand this is a big decision. That’s why at SheBuilds we’re your partner on this journey. We listen to your style, respect your budget, and always communicate project deadlines and updates in a timely manner.

Call Stefanie today to discuss your vision, make a plan, and start building together. Worry free.

A Little Bit About Stefanie Olson

  • Stefanie prides herself on being organized and detail oriented.
  • Highly skilled in design, Stefanie can help bring your vision to life.
  • Relationships are always at the forefront. Stefanie loves getting to know her clients: their history, their families, and who they are.
  • Communication, integrity and generosity are three of her main core values. If there is a problem, Stefanie strives to solve it with the utmost professionalism.

“Helping someone build their new home is a beautifully rewarding process for me.”

Licenses & Qualifications

General Contractor Lic#: 1070044

Licensed Realtor: DRE# 02065997

Licensed Enrolled Agent

Meet the Team

Terri has lived in Chico since 2010 moving from Santa Cruz with her family.  She previously worked in the banking industry for over 20 years as an Assistant/Operations Manager.  She has been working with Stefanie since 2012 in the many facets of Stefanie’s businesses.  As the “Finance Guru” of the company Terri makes sure that the processes SheBuilds has, run as smoothly as possible.

Brixie is a Chico local with a strong work ethic and earnest desire to improve her community.  Brixie came to SheBuilds with years of experience working for an established local electrical contractor where she managed residential solar projects along with various small commercial and agricultural solar and electrical service projects.  Looking to broaden her scope in the construction industry, Brixie was eager to join the SheBuilds team as a “Build Boss in Training”/“All Knowing Assistant”.  When asked why she chose SheBuilds over other companies: “What drew me to SheBuilds was the fact that at this company women are purposely given a meaningful chance to serve in every position in this field.  Our world desperately needs women out on job sites and in positions of leadership in construction because we have so much to offer.  There is no good reason for women to be left out of this field, and I want to help exemplify that.”  Brixie is becoming increasingly involved with each SheBuilds project—both on the job site and behind the scenes—and is thrilled to be on this crew doing the important work of building a more strong and beautiful community.

Let’s get started today! 530.636.2414