90 Day Sprint

Episode 35: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Today I want to talk to you about 90-day sprints. It’s the end of the first quarter already, can you believe that? It really doesn’t feel possible to have this much time go by already, but man, it’s here. It’s proven that goals in both your personal and professional life need to be laid out in 90 day sprints, six months and one year is just too long to stay focused. 90 days is just the right amount of time to be able to hold your attention and actually accomplish something meaningful in that time period. Now I believe in putting good vibes out into the world and having the right mindset, but I also believe that what gets written down and tracked gets done.

Ready to get started? Let’s go…


•  Let’s say you have a glass jar and you fill it with rocks, maybe boulders like rock size that you could fit in the palm of your hand, and then around that rocks, you put in smaller pebbles and you think, Okay, gosh, it’s full, and then around those smaller pebbles, you put in sand and there’s still more room to fill it because it fills in all of the crevices. And then around that, you can actually fill in water, and so the difference is, is that we’re not focusing on the water and the sand and the pebbles, because those are the details of how to accomplish the bigger things, the rocks. Now, if we put all of the sand and pebbles and water in that glass jar before we put the rocks in, the rocks don’t fit, so the rocks have to go in first, we have to know where we’re headed, we have to know what we’re doing, and then we fill it in with all of the details, so that’s the mindset around what a rock is, so each team member is responsible for reporting on their rock each week at what we call our level 10 meeting. (02:48)

•  Now, once you answer these questions, I want you to compare this reflection to your yearly goals and see if you’re still on track with those yearly goals that you set. Or, if something needs to change, are they still in line with your purpose, your path, your passion. Now once you’ve completed that, I want you to take a few minutes and I want you to write down every issue you see in your business. Do you have people problems? Do you have software problems? Do you have transportation problems? Whatever you see as an issue, I want you to brain dump it on paper and get it out of your head. You need an issues list, write down all the problems that you don’t have an answer to. Now, once you’ve done that, I want you to take your on your goals that are written on a piece of paper, and I want you to put your issues that you’ve just written down, and I want you to set them side by side, I want you to see what’s getting in the way of you making it to your one-year goals. You have all the issues that are blocking you from those goals, do you see that now? With those two lists in front of you, this is how you make your rocks for the quarter, this is how you set your goals, you combine the issues that you need to solve with the goals you have set. (05:06)

•  Combine your issues with your goals and solve them to keep you moving forward towards your plan after you set your rocks. Each team member should have three to seven rocks per person, and you need to meet weekly on the progress of those rocks. Now, how we do this? Is I just simply go through the rocks and I ask the question? Are you on-track or off-track? If they say on track, no more discussion. If they say off-track, then I ask the question, is there an issue we need to solve? If there’s an issue, it goes on the issue list, and the last 60 minutes of our meeting is dedicated to solving the top three issues… Beautiful, streamlined. And it’s also so easy not to do, it’s so easy to just get busy and bury our heads and not look up until Christmas. Don’t do this. I believe success is accomplishing the daily consistent habits we implement over time, so now is your time, it’s the end of the quarter, and it’s time for you to set your goals for Quarter two. (07:54)

•  If you don’t have a business, and more importantly, if you do, you need to set quarter two goals for your personal life. You can take those questions that I went through earlier, and you can ask yourself those questions with your personal life. What went right over the last 90 days? What went wrong? What is not working? What do I need to do differently? What should I focus on? What do I need to delegate? What is my energy like? How am I feeling? Those can all be applied to your personal life as well. Every quarter I take about an hour and a half and I review my yearly goals for my personal life, I check off what I’ve accomplished, I set new goals for the quarter, and then I break them down into my monthly and daily goals.  (09:13)


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