A Chat with My Daughter Sonora

Episode 66: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Today, I am so excited to introduce you to my beautiful daughter Sonora as we discuss life, being 11 years old and how She Builds encourages her to know that she can do anything her heart desires.

Ready? Let’s go…


•  What’s it like to be 11? Like I can recall turning 10 and thinking that was the coolest thing ever to be two digits, like I was nine and then I turned 10, and now you’re in fifth grade and you’re 11. What does it feel like? Can you give me… What is it you like compared to maybe being seven… When I was seven I was in second grade, and I’m older and in fifth grade.. Any difference? Do you feel the attitude coming on? You feel… No! Do you feel different? No! Describe to me what it’s like to be 11. I miss… Like when you’re my age, you just kind of completely forget what it’s like to be a kid. Do you have a care in the world? What matters to you most right now? (01:01)

•  What is most important to you about treating other people, how do you want to treat other people… What’s important to you about that? Well, it’s to treat people kindly. Do you feel like you treat people kindly… Yes. And is it important to you? Yeah. Okay, what if somebody’s not being treated well, do you feel like you stick up for them or are you like, Oh, good luck with that? I would stand up. In what way? Give me an example. Say somebody’s picking on somebody else, I would just say like, Hey, don’t do that, it’s important for you to feel like people… That you’re a good friend. Yeah, yeah. What else is… Say something that you think you’ve learned about yourself in the last year. I care about other people a lot. Ok, in what way? If somebody, just like anybody, even somebody that hasn’t been nice to me in the past, I help them do something. Yeah, so you have… Maybe your ability to forgive has grown? Yeah, that’s good. I think that everybody deserves second and third and fourth and fifth chances because we’re just never perfect and you can’t just write people off unless they’ve completely proven to you that maybe they shouldn’t be in your life. (04:06)

•  Okay, what’s something crazy you’ve done in the last week? The last a week? Yeah. I know what I’ve done in the last week that was crazy, that put me out of my comfort zone for sure. Well. What have you done? This morning I rode my horse at 5:00 in the morning. Yes, it was pitched black and you got up and I didn’t help you. Well, barely. That is a little crazy. I don’t think most 11-year-olds would get up at that hour… Wait…and ride your horse. Crazy in the last week… It’s Monday Mom. What do you think mine is? Do you remember? Oh, do you remember mine? So I went and took an adult hip hop class. I was terrified, and I think doing terrifying things and putting yourself out of your comfort zone is something you should always strive for in life like… Yes, it scares me, and I’m going to do it anyway. I think that fear should never be something that stops you, and I was terrified to go embarrass myself, because I have not danced since before you were born, even though I did it my whole life. I went and I showed up in a room and there was 15 ladies and a teacher, and I was like, Girl hasn’t grooved in a long time, and I went out there and did… And I was super proud of myself for doing something that I was terrified of doing, and so I’ll always encourage you that even when you’re scared… Do it anyway, right? (07:36)

•  Do you get what I’m saying? That’s their purpose in life is to teach you and show you the things and show you your short fuses, and show you the things that make you angry, and show you the things that make you impatient and go, Oh man, that’s a glaring thing that I need to work on… Can you see it from that perspective? Rather than like, I’m angry with my brother. Any tips? It’s a glaring reflection. I mean it’s the thing, if you let the relationships, the close relationships in your life teach you, it will be the thing that helps you grow the most. Yeah, can you look at your brother that way instead of…? Maybe. But I think it’s worthwhile and worth doing. What else would you like to tell the people of the She Build Show world? I don’t know. Has anything I’ve done, like what She Build or like doing this show, does it make you feel empowered for you could do anything? Because that is my hope. Yea. Like in what way does anything make you feel like you can’t do it, or you’re like, “oh man, mom can do whatever”. Yea. Is there that little tiny feeling in there? (11:48)


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