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Episode 26: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. I am a big, huge fan of Gino Wickman and his philosophies and ideas around running a business. He wrote the best-selling book, Traction. If you haven’t heard of it, and you’re an entrepreneur and you’re running a business, you need to get it. It’s by far the best business book I’ve ever read. The purpose of this book is to help you get a grip on your business. Gino has created a system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System, we call it EOS for short. Because saying that is not easy, I had a hard time. The system revolves around six key components, they are vision, data, process, issues, people, and then traction. The book walks you through how to develop each of these key areas. Implementing this program can take a long time, and I’ve been actually working through these steps for the past year and a half now. If you’re an entrepreneur and you need help with building a good foundation for your business, this system is for you. The thing that is also offered within Traction is the ability to hire with what’s called an EOS implementer, and they come alongside you and your team and they help you implement the six parts of Traction.

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•  This book asks the question, Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? The first half of the book, Gino is convincing you to not become an entrepreneur to get out of doing the business if you don’t possess six essential entrepreneurial traits. The traits are visionary, passionate, problem-solving, driven, risk-taker, responsible risk-taker and responsible. He goes into depth of these traits and with absolutely no apology, says If you weren’t born with these traits, you should not be an entrepreneur, he also has an assessment in the book to help you identify whether you possess them or not. In the assessment, you rate yourself from one to four, one is being strongly disagree and four is strongly agreed. (02:07)

•  The book has really helped me realize that the way that I’m put together is okay. It’s okay that I have so many deals, it’s okay that I have so many ideas and set goals and am extremely motivated and passionate. I want women in their lives to be successful in the path they choose. And I think the first step to that success is knowing thyself. One interesting thing I learned while going through this book is that you can be an entrepreneur, but just work for yourself, you don’t have to grow a big team, you don’t have to have a ginormous business. This was the difference as a young person that I realized there was something different between my father and I, he grew his accounting business, but really did that as a one man show, it’s how he preferred it. And it’s because he knew his sweet spot and where he was successful, his gift was not training and teaching and growing and taking on other businesses and taking risks, it was to work hard and know he was in control of the fruits of his labor. His success and his idea of entrepreneurship was actually being a solo entrepreneur. (05:44)

•  And this book has also actually enlightened me on how my husband is put together… Entrepreneurs are all different. So many entrepreneurs, they don’t really fit in. They’re different. A teensy weensy bit crazy, right? We’re all on crazy. And my husband, he is a true visionary, he has ideas, he leads people so well, and he’s optimistic to his core, and this book helped me realize that although sometimes I can feel like he’s all over the place, I’m sure my people feel like I’m all over the place, but living with someone like that, I realized that, man, that is a gift, he is a gift, and so are his ideas. (07:19)

•  You are a gift and so are your ideas. Know thyself… Were you formed perfectly to be an entrepreneur? Did you rate fours on all of those questions? If you’re not sure, I highly recommend that you read the entrepreneurial leap. And then if you know for sure that you are, then my best advice to you is to implement Traction, it will change your life and really get you to build your business from the foundation up to start it strong. So read the books. Download the audio books. Keep growing. Keep reaching. Keep learning. Spend time getting to know thyself. It’s worth it, honey. (08:07)


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