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Episode #13: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson and as we continue our series on Interior Design for the month of October, I am thrilled to introduce my special guest, Chase Carr. Chase is a designer, certified drafter and rendering artist located in Chico, California. She recently completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts in interior architecture and has a CAD and Drafting Technology degree. Chase works with local clients on remodels and help with professional space planning, material, finishes, and furniture selection.

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• Because I see what’s missing from my perspective from being a builder and the people I work with, but what did you really see was missing… A lot more hands-on things with the clients, like the mood board and the 3D renderings, like photos of the end design, and here in Chico, it’s just too expensive for the clients, and a lot of people in Chico don’t have the software on a computer to do it… So I just kinda wanted to offer that to Chico residents. We do it all the time in class, so I thought, Why not? Right, because if you think about it, most people can’t really picture what their house and what the layout of their space is gonna be from a 2D floor plan. (02:09)

• I’ve always been a creative a person, and in high school, I prevailed in art and science, and then once I got out of high school, I kind of realized architecture is a mixture of art and science in a really applicable Art. And I was always inspired by my dad, who was a driller, and he taught me how to draft. Every time I wanted to rearrange my room I did it with grids and the squares on the grid. I always loved doing the site visits with my dad, I loved the whole process and being outside and all the fun stuff that they do out there and hard stuff. And then lastly, I really like the end result, how you literally make something out of nothing, and you really get to physically experience the space once it’s completed. (05:37)

• I really like creating the spaces and doing the creative part of the site visits and traveling are always fun and inspirational, so I would love to travel and get inspired by other architecture and then come back and see what I could do with it. And then also shopping is really fun, going into a furniture store and finding the perfect piece that a client might like, or going to the granite store and seeing all the really cool unique pieces of granite and quartz and stuff like that. Yeah, definitely. I think that’s why I want to encourage so many more women to consider this industry because we are so complex as women that this industry really allows for the complexity and to kind of meet that need of… Okay, some days I really get to be creative and design and make beautiful things, and other days I get to sit at my desk and just work on something a little bit more mathematic or more detail-oriented, and then go back to being creative and then go out to the site, and if you like to get your hands dirty, there’s the ability to do that too. I just love the complexity of it. (07:33)

• I feel like the system and softwares that are available now are one, more accessible to people like you because maybe they’re not so expensive to purchase that software. But then it also just gives this better product, and I love the fact that even that you’re really trying to make it affordable for people to use rendering, because I 100% agree that if a client that’s just doing a simple kitchen remodel, most of the time, they’re really overwhelmed by all of the decisions. The traditional interior designer is going to go in with all their swatches as things are being brought along during the construction phase, but I like the fact that it’s like, let’s get everything out in the open before anything even starts, and let’s see what it actually looks like without having to have it created in front of you actually being built. So you can try on the blue paint color on the cabinet, you can try on the wall color, the counter top color and really visualize. (11:35)

• I’m really proud of being in this industry where it’s usually mainly ran by men and it’s really tough on a woman, and the things the men say is really dishearting and discouraging, and I’m just ready to… To not have it be that way? Yeah, exactly. You know what, that’s why I’m here is because there’s more of us than you think, and we just need to keep finding each other and rally around each other because the industry will change the more we can link arms with one another and support each other. That’s like when you reached out to me, I’m like, Heck yeah, we’re goin‌g to talk, yeah, we’re going to communicate because the more women we can get to come and provide a beautiful service, and not by putting men down or making them feel like we’re better than them, that’s not the case, it’s just we need diversity in every industry, and we offer something different, we offer the ability to build something and consider the way you live in it and the way you feel in it and the way it looks. (16:58)


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