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Episode 76: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Today I want to do an encore of an episode celebrating ‘Women in Construction Week’. What a blessing it is to be a part of this today. With that in mind, I want to talk about your life and work as women and challenge you to move and step into the areas of life that maybe you’re just falling short in. Let’s talk about your morning routine. Is your morning stressful? Are you already behind the second you wake up? Is your snooze button and warm bed, winning the battle over your goals and dreams? Do you tell yourself you are not a morning person? The morning could be your chance to take back your life to start your day… I recently read the book the 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma, it is one of the most powerful books I have ever read in my entire life.

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•  The first half of the book tells a story of three people and it’s so engaging and it really hooks you. The second half of the book shares the principles of how you can own your morning and elevate your life. My biggest takeaway is that will power is a muscle, and if we don’t exercise it, it gets flabby, I whole-heartedly agree. If we eat chocolate every time are weak, little mind desires and we don’t practice the difficult task of saying no, the more we give in to our willpower muscle, the more we give in to our will power… The muscle actually atrophies. It gets weak. The same is true of the opposite, the more we say No, the more our muscle grows, I am absolutely obsessed with this concept right now because it gives me hope, it gives you hope that anyone can change… We are not genetically programmed to be failures, to not be morning people, we are not people who have to give in to every weak thought, we actually have the ability to increase our will power by simply exercising our willpower.  (01:56)

•  Robin Sharma calls it the 20-20-20 formula for your victory hour. So in my calendar, at 5 AM, my appointment is titled victory hour, I love seeing that in my calendar, so the 20-20-20 formula is broken down into 20-minute sections of that first victory hour from 5 to 6 AM. The first 20 minutes is sweaty exercise, you rise at 4:45 and you start your exercise precisely at 5:00 AM. I get up, I put on my workout clothes, and I hop on my Peloton for 20 minutes. The concept is that there are so many amazing feel good brain chemicals released during the sweaty 20 minutes that you actually feel completely different at 5:20 AM then you did at 5:00 AM. Your mental state changes, and I’ve actually experienced this first hand, I’m tired and I don’t want to get up, but after my 20-minute ride where I sweat, my mind and body feel completely different, try it. (03:44)

•  To think, to ponder, to understand yourself better. During this time, I meditate and I journal, my practice lately is just to keep my body still, I have heard that a body that cannot sit still is a reflection of the status of your mind, so when I go to meditate and all I want to do is stretch or move, it just gives me insight that there’s growth still for me to continue on the road. So I sit still and I breathe, I repeat my mantra and I quite my mind, and I believe that the health of your mind determines the health of your life. So, I do my best to rid my mind of all negative thinking and to speak life and truth over myself. It’s a beautiful 20 minutes. The final 20 minutes from 5:40 to 6 o’clock is what Robin titles growth. This 20 minutes is for expanding your knowledge, for reading, for listening to a podcast, for learning something new. I use this time to read. It’s a time for you to pour into your mind to learn a new skill, to finish the book that you have never had the time to read.  (05:14)

•   Now, here’s the catch, you have to do it for 66 days. You cannot do this for five days and then stop, you cannot change a habit and have it reach the point of automaticity until you’ve conquered it for 66 days. So, buy a calendar and write a V over every day that you claim your morning, a V for victory. I know you can do this, I want to see you change. If you want accountability and you want to join The 5 AM Club, send me a message on Instagram @shebuilds.homes, I’d love to push you to become the person you want to be. Download The 5 AM Club or buy it on Amazon, Go to the bookstore. (07:06)


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