How Are You Wired?

Episode #3: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Today, I want to dive a little deeper into what keeps me grounded, what helps me to stay the path, stay balanced, stay in the right mindset recently. In my office I had a people map evaluation done on our entire team. If you don’t know what people map is, it’s an assessment created by a research psychologist, Michael Lillibridge. It was designed to help people learn more about themselves and better understand others. There’s four types of people he says, and the goal is to try to improve communication between all the types. So it was something I really wanted to know about each person in my organization. It measures your natural preferences, the way you’re hard wired. You might compare it to someone being either right-handed or left-handed. We don’t really decide if we’re right-handed or left-handed. We just are. So this test measures, what are you, what are you hiring?

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• There are four types leader, task, free spirit and people. And the purpose again is to just better understand yourself and others. So I don’t know if you can tell, but mine is leader and task. I’m just hard wired this way. I can’t help it. So let me kind of describe to you what a leader type is. They’re results oriented, a visionary leading by example, hardworking. They work until the job is done. You see the big picture. You like to control the outcomes, you thrive on competition. You’d like to be efficient with time, words, actions, you like ideas and bullet points, not stories. And you can be impatient when others waste your time. You’re responsible, assertive, self-motivated. If you see a problem, you act on it without waiting. So that’s kind of a leader type.  (01:45)

•  So then the task type is your number one priority is getting things done completely and thoroughly. And you do this to no end with lists, or you create routines and systems and make processes easy to duplicate your extremely hardworking, dependable, reliable, responsible, and take no nonsense approach to life. You enjoy being organized in the last detail and your like your day to have structure, everything has a place and there’s a place for everything. You strive to complete never-ending tasks on your list and you feel wonderful sense of closure when everything is checked off, just reading that makes me happy. (02:37)

•  The free spirit is personal and professional freedoms are your top priority. You don’t like to be tired down by convention, policy or rules. You’re flexible spontaneous. You think on your feet, you’re great in a crisis, your ability to think outside the box makes you great problem solver, and you prefer to do it your way. You come through probably March to the beat of your own drum. And you see life as a myriad of opportunities and experiences to live in the middle. Does that ring a bell for any of you? (03:28)

•  And then the last type is the people type. The number one priority in your life is people creating strong relationships, both personal and profession. You thrive on being friendly and helpful and making a difference in others. Getting along with others is paramount to you and you seek harmony and want to avoid conflict with others working well.  The others comes naturally to you, whether one-on-one or part of a larger group, you’re caring and supportive of others and have a high level of empathy. Naturally focusing naturally focusing on meeting other’s needs in this way. You add stability to a team of what you are a member. So those are the four types leader, task, free spirit and people. (03:57)


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