How to Keep from Drifting

Episode 27: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Happy February! Can you believe it? January has already flown by? Today, I want to check in with you on your goals, your commitments, and speak about what it looks like to drift. For me, January was actually a terrible month, I had an amazing December, with time off and time to plan my goals and get ready to take on 2022. Then my poor team got hit with the dreaded C-word, and one of my main team members was out for almost 20 days, this brought me to one of my lowest points in a really long time. I honestly wanted to shut the doors and burn the place down, I was so beyond overwhelmed that every good habit and every good intention I had set for 2022 was blown to pieces. I wasn’t able to manage my stress, my business or my life, I was drifting. Then I asked for help. Today I want to share with you the steps I took to get myself back on track.

Ready? Let’s go…

•   I went to my team and I told them, I need a break, I need a week to get myself right. I asked them to protect me from the business for a little bit, I told them they don’t want me solving problems right now because I’m in a place that I will send the nasty text or the email, I won’t think twice about it, I won’t re-read it. And that’s a scary place to be, that’s a scary place where you feel completely comfortable just pressing send when you know you’ve written something you shouldn’t have said, when you know you’re making a choice you shouldn’t make, but you do it anyway. That should be a red flag. It’s a scary place to be, it’s a place where we ruin relationships and hurt the people closest to us, so let’s just start with… Sorry, I’m sorry to all the people who saw me in January, I was drifting. (03:23)

•   So I reached out for help. I have been struggling for about a year now with this vicious cycle of how I manage my stress. It goes something like this, I wake up, I have a wonderful morning stress-free, I eat a nice breakfast. Then about 7:30, I get blasted with all the crap I have to do for the day, I skip my meals during the day, I drink a crap ton of coffee, come home far later than I want to take care of family stuff, and then gorge myself on M&M’s. Those little delicious devil chocolate candies have taken over my life for far too long, and it’s the only thing I crave to help soothe my stress, and then the next day I wake up in the morning feeling like duty from eating all of the sugar, work out harder than I really wanted, to try to burn the calories off and then do it all over again. This cycle has been a drift in my health for a long time. (04:42)

•   So I reached out for help. I found an naturopathic doctor and I hired her and I asked her to help. Y’all, that’s a big step for me. I’m not a girl who asks for help, but I needed help. You want to know the first thing she did? She put me on a seven-day detox with no coffee… What what? I have not missed a day of coffee since my daughter was born, and y’all, she’s 10, and what a gift she gave me, I didn’t drink coffee before she was born, and now it’s like, how do I survive without it? So today, the day I’m recording this, is day six, no coffee, no sugar, no gluten, and you know what, I don’t hate life as much, but day one through day three was kind of like dog poop lit on fire, I couldn’t get out of bed for an entire day. (06:13)

•   I want my habits and commitments and daily choices to line up with my short and long-term goals, so babe, recognize the drift, call it out for what it is, ask for help and do the small insignificant things each day that help you go in the right direction toward the life you want to live, and the incredible person you were born and made to be… I know you have it in you. That’s all for today. Just recognize the drift and course correct. So thanks again for listening to the She Builds Show. What a gift you are. Do me a favor today and just bless someone, can you put some good out into the world, because in January, I covered it with some stinky stuff, okay? And I need all the help I can get to just re-insert joy and love and kindness into the world and I can use your help. (08:44)


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