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Episode #10: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson and for the month of October, we are focusing on interior designers, we’re going to feature a few women and interview them as well. I want to share with you some insight into my experience with interior design, a passion for me and something I truly enjoy. I don’t have any formal training, my education came through experience, actually a lot more failure in this area than success. But when I was a kid, my mother, she just has an eye. She’s got an eye for design and an eye for detail and for beautiful things. And she passed this ability on to me.

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•    I had bought a house and it had this horribly ugly, giant lava rock looking stuff on the outside.  I don’t even know if I can describe how awful it is. They’re like two foot by one foot brown, black, awful lava rocks. I don’t know why anybody ever chose this as a material to put on the outside of a house. But there’s a lot of things to question in the eighties, right? So I knew I couldn’t update or flip this house without dealing with that rock. So I painted it. I pulled my paint samples out and then picked a color. I drove away, came back and the house was already painted and I showed up and my mouth fell out of my head. It was 100% the wrong color. (02:13)

•    But color today is probably one of my favorite things to choose. And I’ve gotten a lot better at it. And even now I rarely get samples. I don’t know why, but I just kind of trust my gut. Because I’ve seen most of the colors that are in my paint deck in real life, I’ve painted them enough. I just kind of can picture them in my head at a mass scale and know deeply in my mind what it’s going to look like. (3:58)

•     So I didn’t know for a long time that other people, people like my husband and most of the men I work with, that they can’t see what I see. I didn’t know that this was a gift. They can’t picture the colors, the counters, the backsplash, the floor. They can’t see how the puzzle fits together perfectly. So then they question every material because they see them individually, but they don’t see the whole picture. And this can cause a lot of pain in some relationships because there’s an immense amount of trust that someone has to extend to you to trust them in something they themselves can’t picture. (05:33)

•     I have a dream to have an office full of bad to the bone women who can all collaborate within the same space. So wouldn’t that be cool? Architects and engineers who believe in interior designers and they want to have their input from day one. Oh, we also need more women, architects and engineers. So if you have this cool gift in your brain of how you can see things come together, then I want you to consider this industry. It’s a perfect match, design architecture engineer. It all fits together with that ability to see something. (06:56)


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