TRELLO: The Organization Software You have Been Looking For!

Episode 25: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Today, I want to talk to you about Trello. This is the organization software you have been looking for! Organization and Systems is one of my favorite topics. I love anything that saves time, is user-friendly and allows for a task to be documented and delegated, so that you don’t have to keep re-teaching the same thing over and over because nobody ever wrote it down or documented it. Let me introduce to you. Trello, my best friend. I have used a lot of software and systems throughout the years, and I’m always looking for something that is better than the last, and because there’s a gazillion options out there, it’s hard to know which one works best. So what the heck is Trello? Trello is a web-based list-making application, so basically, it’s a higher level to-do list, an a must for staying organized in your business.

Ready to learn about Trello? Let’s go…


•  The first one it’s called backlog, this is one of my favorite titles of a column because it’s just where you get to brain dump everything. Whatever you have that needs to get done goes in backlog, all the things that are running around in your head, it gets dumped here. And under that column for each task, you create what is called a card, the card has its own little box with the title, and you can have as many cards under the column. So next to the backlog to the right, I title to column this week, I only allow, and I teach my team this, five things at a time to be put in that column. So you just choose the items from backlog and you click and drag them into this week, next to the this week column is what I title today. This is what you are going to get done today. I teach my team that they’re only allowed to put three things… Yes, three things, if you take everything from backlog and you put it into this week or today, it feels really overwhelming, not only visually, but mentally.  (02:08)

•  That means you can only do one thing at a time. It is proven that multitasking is not possible. Let me prove it to you right now. So I want you to make a fist, now I want you to point both your fingers up, and then now I want you to move them about an inch apart from each other, and then I want you to stare directly between… Now, don’t touch your fists together, you have to have your hands apart, and I want you to stare directly between both pointer fingers, what happens? What happens is, your fingers drift back together. You can’t hold your fingers apart in gaze through them at the same time, so stop trying to multi-task, it doesn’t work. One thing at a time, okay?  (03:39)

•  Okay, so let me give you a real life example on how I use Trello. So, I have Trello downloaded on my phone and my computer, and whenever I have a task that comes up, I’ve just kind of trained myself over last three or four years to only use Trello. There’s so many things that pull my attention that you could put it here or put it there, but I just use Trello instead of texting myself, emailing myself, writing myself a note inside my phone, making a sticky note. I pull out my phone, I put it in backlog, and I get it out of my brain, I just stop letting it swirl around. So this has been the best practice for me for the stuff that comes up throughout the day, to have it in one place and I know where it goes because it creates structure and organization.  (8:18)

•  The other thing I use it for is my personal life, you all… There are always things that need to be done around the funny farm here, and it’s an easy way for my husband and I to communicate about various tasks that need to get done around here. So within this board, I write down things that need to get done, it’s also a nice way to delegate things quietly and kindly to your husband. Like, hey, can you pick up this pile of leaves, please? Thank you. I’m just going to put it in Trello and then you won’t be mad at me. But other things I keep within that board is, a packing list for my kids, it just makes it so much easier when we’re going on trips for me to just… To pull that list up and go through pack them. I also have a set of instructions for like a checklist in references for how to take care of all my animals and my house when we’re gone. So, every time you leave your house, you’re making a list for whoever is house sitting or taking care of your dogs or animals, and I just have one set up in Trello and I send that to the house sitter. It just makes my life easier, run smoother and not feel like I have to recreate something that happens over and over. So, document it. Delegate it. (10:52)


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