You Are A Rock star

Episode #8: Welcome to the She Builds Show, I’m your host, Stefanie Olson. Today’s title of this episode is, You Are A Rock Star. Something you might not know about me is I was born to be a rock star. There is an undeniable power living inside me, and as a kid growing up, I truly believed I was born to be a freaking rock star. I’m 100000% believe that in my soul, I could sell out a 500,000 seat venue. I would sell it out, I would kill it, I would play it. That type of confidence and power lives inside of me on the daily… The only problem is, I can’t sing, but, the girl can dance. Dang it, I can’t seem to sing to save for my life. I think God knew that I would just lay it and I would take over the world if I have the gift of singing, so he only gave me the ability to dance. But man, if there were rock stars that could lip sync, I will be famous, I would be one of them. I would be running concert tours everywhere, and it would be amazing, that is the fire that lives inside of me. Are you a rock star too?

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•    My dad dressed up in his bell bottom jeans with his Elvis moves, and he brought the house down… He was the star of the show.  I loved it, I loved every minute of it. I used to go to all the practices with him, and they would put me in the shows when I was a kid, I would end up being some back-up dancer for Madonna or something. But you can bet your butt I wanted the starring role. (02:33)

•    What I love about this concept is that there’s something for everyone, there’s a place for everyone, there’s a tribe for everyone. My dad couldn’t sing, but the man could perform, the man could lip sync the hell out of anything, and so could these other people… To me, it proves that there is a place for everyone’s gift to come to fruition, I mean, rock stars that don’t have to sing and they get to be rock stars, that means that there’s a place for you and your gift, even if there’s not a path for it, even if it doesn’t quite exist, then maybe you need to create it, create a space for your gift to be expressed, created… What is the path that you could create… That has never been created before. (2:50)

•      One of these amazing women lives down in LA, and she runs Dirty Girl Construction… Isn’t that dopest thing you’ve ever heard? She literally named her company Dirty Girl Construction, I was so estatic to find her, I emailed her, letting her know my plans and that I wanted to know if she would meet with me and give me guidance. She said Yes, I was kind of thrown off my rocker because I really didn’t expect her to even respond to my email. But this incredibly successful business woman down in LA, she re-models these gorgeous million dollar homes right on the beach, she said I could come and spend the day with her, So we loaded up the kids, we drove down to LA, and she poured into my soul for the entire day, giving me tips and ideas and a path to take, and encouraging me. (04:57)

•    Most of the time I just hid in the shadows of my gifts, and it made me feel alone. And because there’s not a lot of people like me out there, I felt lost. But that’s not true, I just never did anything in my life to find them, to call them out. There are women out there who would rather drive a truck and wear boots and put on a ball cap than actually shower, those are my people. Women, who would rather be in the dirt and be outside, women who would rather have a clean barn than a clean house. I’d rather have the blower on my back then a vacuum in my hand, that’s me. I rarely come across women like me, but I decided to do something to create a space to call them out. (06:45)


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